Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meeting Friends

I have met amazing people in the hotel I'm staying in. There are two receptionist that are starting to be great friends of mine. Misha is very sweet. She helped me figure out how to get my internet to work. She went out her way to figure out if my adapter would fit the Slovakian plug. We spent a couple hours hoping it would work. Finally I just said, "what the heck, plug it in!" It worked!

The other receptionist I met was Alena. She is great. We talked for a few hours tonight about, friends, family, God, America, Slovakia, Guys, School, and so much more. We are going to the Cinema soon, but I don't know what we are going to see yet.
Talking about God was really special. I told her that I like to pray and read my bible. It was nice just encouraging her to share her faith to others. Maybe we will go to church Sunday.

Well, today was another great day in Presov, Slovakia! Love ya!



  1. heyy jenn
    i want to see you so baddly
    is tina coming to slovikia still
    lol email me back ilya
    #1 fan ever go dores and slovikia
    nicole hunt

  2. ohhh and today is danielle hunt's bdayyy lol just thought i might tell u thatttttttttttt!
    love ya
    nicole hunt