Sunday, September 27, 2009



There are a couple of food pictures above. One is of an omelette I eat pretty often and the other is something I had for lunch the other day. I eat lunch at a restaurant called Atrium. People in Slovakia typically eat pork every day. It is tradition and history of the country to serve it at lunch and dinner. One of my friends was telling me, that Slovakia was a poor country in the past. It was cheaper to buy swine than it was to buy cows. I assume it still is, but in Presov they are very proud of their country and their town. Even though they offer other options like chicken or fish, they hold on to their roots and serve pork with everything! I really admire this and respect them for holding onto their traditions and values. (even the younger people) :) I still eat chicken everywhere I go. Slovakian people also love their potatoes! They can eat potatoes with any and everything. One of my friends Alena farms potatoes. She told me I won't need to buy any because I have her. I had a famous meal with Alena a couple weeks back called "Halusky". Pronounced(ha-loosh-ky). It tasted like gnocchi. There was also ham on the top. It was very filling and not nutritional at all, but I was happy I tried some of it. Rice is also another typical side dish with a few cucumbers. Atrium changes their menu every week, so each day I'm trying new things.

Above, there are also pictures of me and a few of my friends here. One picture is of me and my friend Natalia and her puppy Kimo. He is the cutest dog ever! The other picture is of her, her husband Richard, and Kimo. One of the days this week we went to a park and had "Kofola." Kofola is basically Slovaki's version of soda. They have other brands of Soda, but this is their creaton of it!

I found out yesterday that I will be moving into my apartment on Tuesday. That's what they "say", but I will believe it when I see it. I was a little sad when I received that info because I really enjoy staying in the hotel. I love seeing all my friends everyday. I told some of them that I might be moving out on Tuesday and they told me they would put a chair for me at the receptionist table. That's usually where I hang out. The other day one of my friends gave me some homemade strawberry jam. It was delicious! I shared with some of the girls the taste of peanut butter and they loved it. I told Miska PB&J is the way to go, so she told her mom to make me jam!

I have a game later today in Poprad. It is an hour away. We played them a couple of weeks ago, but this one counts for league. I'm excited because there is a guard on the other team who is really fiesty and I'm not sure if any of you know this about me...but I'm competitive. Today, I will show her my fiesty side! :)

Love you all!


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