Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First few days in Slovakia

My plane ride to Slovakia was great. My first flight was to Zurich Switzerland. The flight lasted around 11 hours. I usually always pray that I meet special people when I fly. This trip I met Rotem from Israel. We talked for hours about our family, friends, and culture. She taught me how to write my name in Hebrew. We also listened to some Hebrew music on her laptop. I thought I would share with her some American brownies I made a couple nights before with friends. She loved them. Everyone usually does.

My Second plane ride was from Zurich to Budapest. On that flight I sat with Gathen, a guy from Wales, UK. I shared brownies with him too! This flight was an hour. We talked about random stuff like sports, school, food. He helped me find my luggage at the airport when we landed. While we waited we cracked jokes about how some europeans cut you when you are waiting in line for places.

After I left Gathen I met Josef! He was my Taxi driver from Budapest to Slovakia. He was great! He spoke very little English, but we made it work. He gave me a book so I can translate Slovak into English. Very useful! We drove and talked. We listened to all kinds of American music and some Slovak. Then he put on a AC/DC video and we watched that. :) After 30 minutes we stopped at a gas station for water and candy. He bought me carbonated water :/ and chocolate:)
Kosice was our next stop. It's twenty minutes from Presov. We stopped there for dinner. I had pizza and a glass of white wine. While we ate we watched a futbol game. Slovakia vs Czech! It was a tie, but Josef seemed really happy about it. After pizza we drove to my hotel.

My hotel is called Carpe Diem. Seize the day! Don't waste it! This hotel is great. My apartment won't be ready for a couple weeks, but it's actually a blessing! I have a huge bed, nice view, flat screen tv, and restaurant to eat in.

The next morning I had breakfst with the mayor. He owns the hotel and the restaurant. I eat there for free breakfast and dinner. I had eggs and ham. I also had scrambled eggs with onions. This was very difficult for me to eat. I didn't want to be rude, but I didn't order onions! I hate onions and just tried to swallow it whole with out chewing. He brought his dog along with him to. Her name was Tina. I kept thinking, "how can I sneak these eggs to this dog?" Anyway, I ate half. Good enough! :)

Later I ate lunch with some teammates. They are so nice. Yunka / Julia is from Russia. Andy is from Slovakia. I had chicken noodle soup and chicken, rice and veggies for my meal. Oh, and more carbonated water.

Later that day I had a game. I met the rest of my team at the game. Learned a few plays. We played Poprad at home. It was really fun being able to play again. Refs...not so good.

After the game I came back to the restaurant and had a nice steak dinner, with a salad, and fruit salad. It was amazing! To drink I asked for regular (non-carbonated) water. It tasted so good! The name of the bottle was Savior. I thought was a great finish to my day. My Lord and Savior reminding me that he is still with me wherever I go and will take care of my every need. Thanks Jesus. Well, thats all for now. Love you friends and fam!


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  1. aaawww Jen sunds like u have a GREAT 1st day lol...hope u enjoy the rest of ur time over there..love you!