Friday, September 11, 2009

Hanging out :)

Hey everyone!

Today is a very beautiful day in Presov. It's about 75 degrees outside. I just got back from eating lunch at Atrium. I get to eat there free everyday for lunch. I can't read the menu so I just order some form of chicken everyday. After lunch we went and got ice cream from the Croatia ice cream stand. Very good ice cream! It's really cheap too. One scoop cost 30 cents in Euros.

I'm still living in the hotel as of right now, but I don't mind it at all. Like I said before everyone is so nice. I have really good conversations with the receptionist who are becoming very good friends of mine. I can't do my laundry becuase I'm not in my apartment, so the cleaning lady, Franchesca does it for me in the hotel! She is so sweet. She doesn't speak a lick of English, but everyday we try to share a few words, smiles, and laughter.

Last night I ate at the hotel and met Mark, an American that works in the Automotive industry here. He works in the factory in Presov. He lives in Prog, but travels to Presov during the week. His co-worker was also there. Her name is Stacy. She is from Munich and flies in Presov about once a year. It was really nice having dinner with them and talking about random things. Next time Mark and I hang out, he is going to show me different sites in Presov.

Mark and Stacy were not the only English speaking people I talked to yest.. I also spoke with Erin Lawless who plays for Kosice. Kosice is twenty minutes from me. We are having a tournament in Presov this week so I will see her again today. Erin played on the Presov team last year and moved up to the club's higher team. She said there are a good amount of American people that live in Kosice and that I should come visit her and hang out. I will have to do that very soon! :)

Matt 5:6
Blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness. For they shall be filled!


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