Sunday, August 18, 2013

First week in Lincoln!

"Mish life" or missionary life was not something I thought God was calling me to, but after praying and discerning His will for my life, I decided to give up playing basketball to serve and love on college students in America.

I had four great years playing with my best friend in Europe and those are memories I will never forget! God blessed Tina and me with great friends, spiritual growth, and championships. :)
Now, I am working with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) and reaching out to the athletes through a division of FOCUS called Varsity Catholic. God has always wanted to use me through sports for my personal growth and for others. My experience of playing at Vanderbilt and playing four years professional overseas is something I hope God will again use for His glory!

After a long summer of training in Florida and fundraising my salary all over the place, I am now in Lincoln, Nebraska serving at the University of Nebraska.I arrived on Tuesday night and by Friday was watching volleyball practice and talking with a few girls who were involved in bible study last year. God is so good! Saturday morning I went to my first farmers market in Nebraska and I had a blast! There were samples galore and everyone was very friendly! The first person I called was Tina’s dad because he and I have a love for healthy homegrown food. We both enjoy the cheap farmer’s markets in Arizona but it wasn’t very cheap here in Nebraska.  That’s okay, I still enjoyed supporting the Farmer’s and their work. I bought some smoked garlic sausage with a block of Buffalo Wing cheddar cheese. I can’t wait to have that with some crackers and wine in a few days.

I share a duplex house with 5 other women who are all a part of team UNL. One of our male teammates lives in the other house that is connected to ours. We share a back porch where we have two grills for our cook out parties. I have heard that FOCUS missionaries love to cook out for the students!
My housemates and I had our first house dinner last night and it was great catching up on life and the crazy summer we all had!

Tonight I will be going to Father Matya’s and Father Holdren’s house for our “Welcome back staff” dinner! They are the chaplains in charge at UNL. I hear he throws the best parties and loves having the missionaries and students over!

Can’t wait to keep you all updated on my life in Lincoln. Thanks for your love and thanks for your prayers.

Christ love Christ love,