Monday, October 31, 2011

We Won Super Bowl XXVII!!!

As I mentioned in the last blog, we had a big game on Sunday. And we won!!! It was a championship game called the Super Cup (Jen and I read an article today that was translated from Portuguese into English, and it said something about our team winning Super Bowl XXVII so we thought that was kind of funny). It's a game in which the team who won the league championship from the previous year plays the team who won the Portuguese Cup. Anyways, we knew it was a very important game, and we are really happy that we won. Our team played hard, and people stepped up and made big plays at important points in the game. Jen was named the MVP during the awards ceremony after the game (she was 2 rebounds away from a triple double: 10 points, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds + 3 steals). They gave her a gold basketball so that's kind of cool :-) We had a good time celebrating with our teammates in the locker room after the game with some champagne and cake. After we got all cleaned up, we drove back to Alges and went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was a fun day/night, and we are looking forward to many more wins :-)

Getting ready to take a team picture after Jen got our coach wet

Super Bowl XXVII Champs! :-)

Bringing out the victory cake!

Me and my buddy Susana :-)

Ana, Joana, and Ba

Ana (again), Joana, Sara, and Duca

Susan, Ana (again), and Catarina

Ana (again), Sofia, and Jen

Me, Jen, and Alfredo

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