Saturday, October 1, 2011

Benfica Basketball Game

Our third week here went well. We had our usual 2 practices a day, and we are beginning to settle into the routine. We have access to the weight room now so we were able to lift a few times, also, which was great because Tina’s arms were starting to look like mush! :-)

Last night (Friday), we had practice and then we went with our teammate, Joana, to a basketball game. It was a men’s basketball game between Benfica and a team from the Azores islands. Benfica is a very popular club in Portugal, and their soccer stadium is huge! We can’t wait to go to a soccer game one of these days. Anyways, it was really nice going to the game. When we got to the game, we saw another one of our teammates, Susana. We didn’t know she was going so that was cool. Both teams had American players, but we didn’t recognize any of them. We play basketball every day, twice a day, so we enjoyed being able to watch other people play while we just sat there!

Susana, Joana, and Jen

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