Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Update

We have now been in Portugal for one month! I can hardly believe that – it’s going by so quickly!

We officially started our season on Saturday. So far, so good…we are 1-0. We have our first road game of the season this coming Saturday in the Azores islands (off the coast of Portugal). I know we won’t really have much time to see the island since we are arriving and leaving on the same day as the game, but I’m still very excited to go.

We don’t really have a big update right now, but here’s a little information to let you know what we have been up to this past week or so:

Jen has a bug bite on her arm. She has had it for a little over a week now. We originally thought it might be staph so we were kind of concerned, but now we are pretty certain it’s a bug bite. She doesn’t know when it happened, but it started out looking like a mosquito bite, and since then it has grown quite a bit! Our teammates monitor it daily. One of our teammates tried to take her to an Urgent Care after practice to have a doctor look at it, but the doctor wasn’t there. Another one of our teammates tried to squeeze stuff out of it…so sweet! :-) Jen and I both like stuff like this so while we hope it gets better, we are both sort of secretly enjoying it :-)

We cooked dinner for a couple of our teammates the other night. We were supposed to watch a movie, but we ended up just hanging out for a while. They taught us some Portuguese words and phrases so we are going to try to use them this week. We ate for about 5 hours straight (hamburgers, french fries, chicken nuggets, broccoli, crepes, ice cream, brownies…it was a lot of food)! As always, it was fun hanging out with our teammates and getting to know them better.

We went to dinner with our friend/manager, Sara, and our teammate, Barbara, last night after practice. They took us to a mall food court – it was way nicer than any mall food court I have ever seen in America. First of all, we had real plates and real utensils. Second, they had a ton of options, and even though we got our food fast, it wasn’t really “fast food.” Jen got a steak, salad, and french fries. I went to a place where I could make my own stir fry – it was really good. They showed us around the mall a little bit. Then we went upstairs to the movie theater, and we tried Portuguese popcorn. They had been telling us how the popcorn here is kind of sweet instead of salty and buttery. It was good.

Well, we just wanted to update you about our last week. I’m sure we will have some pictures and stories to share with you guys once we go to the island this weekend.

Jen and Tina

Joana taking Jen to Urgent Care after practice

Urgent Care was closed so we went to the pharmacy instead

Hanging out with some teammates - we spent most of our time in the kitchen :-)

They made me a crepe with Nutella and ice cream and put my initial on it :-)

Sara, Jen, and Ba at the movie theater

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