Monday, January 14, 2013

Visiting Jence!

Hey Everyone!!

We just wanted to give you an update from this past weekend. Tina and I had a game against our old teammate Jence Rhoads! We left Friday morning and ten hours later, arrived in Sfรขntu Gheorghe. (English: Saint George) The city is located in the central part of the country and in the historical region of Transylvania.  I was excited when I found out we were in this region because on my flight over to Europe, I watched the movie 'Hotel Transylvania'. "Supposedly" the castle from the movie looks identical to the real Dracula's castle in Romania. We didn't get to see the castle on this trip, but when we play another team closer to the castle, we will get a chance to sight see. 

We saw Jence before our Friday evening practice and made a plan to meet up the next day. Saturday morning, Tina and I went to Mass at 7:30am at the closest Catholic Church to our hotel. It took us 5 minutes walking to get to the church, but it was freezing! I really can't remember the last time my face was so cold. Seriously, it was painful. Tina and I are from Arizona and California, and we are not use to that kind of weather!  After Mass, Tina and I ran back to the hotel and met up with Jence. 

We walked to her apartment to meet her new puppy Ella! Jence and her roommate decided to save a puppy from the local dog shelter. There is a stray dog problem in Romania and apparently, the shelters will give dogs away for free to people who are interested.  Ella is a very cute puppy. She is not yet potty trained and peed on the floor twice when we got there. We decided to take her for a walk outside in case she wanted to do #2. As we walked through the city, we got a chance to reminisce on old times and update one another on new things happening in our lives.   

It was such a great time visiting with Jence! We weren't sure how much time we would get to see her, but we were able to hang out after the game, too! We introduced her to Carla because she played at Ole Miss, but mainly because Vandy women's basketball smashed Ole Miss a couple weeks ago. Thank you, ladies! 

Jence, we love you and are so blessed that we got to play two years with you. Thanks for being a great friend and teammate. Can't wait to see you in a month! 

Getting ready to take Ella on a walk.  She wasn't liking the cold.


Figuring out the collar and leash

Jen teaching Jence her new magic trick that our coach taught her


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