Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas season!

Jen and I arrived back in Romania late Wednesday night after a nice week and a half trip home for Christmas.  Our Christmas break had been much anticipated these past couple of months, and it was great to have some time with our friends and family.

We arrived home just in time for Christmas Eve so it was pretty busy right from the jump.  We both were on strange sleeping schedules for the first few days home, but nobody wants to spend their time at home sleeping so we tried to push through :-)  

Right in the middle of our time at home, most of my family took a little weekend trip to southern California to visit my Uncle Bill and to see Vanderbilt play against USC.  We stopped by Jen's house on the way to pick her up.  It was a lot of fun to get so see our college coaches and to watch our old team play.  It's not very often that they make a trip all the way out to the West coast so it was neat that it worked out with our schedule.

Now, it's back to work.  Our team finished up the first half of the season pretty much exactly where we would like to be.  We are in 1st place in the Romanian league standings, and we are in the Final Four of both the Romanian Cup and the Central European Women's League.  We will hit the ground running the month of January and into early February with some very important games so that will be fun.

On Tuesday, we leave for a trip to Brno, Czech Republic for a Central European League game.  It will be a good challenge for us to start of 2013.  We'll keep you posted :-)

Christmas Day in Arizona - the whole family after playing Ultimate Frisbee and some other random games 

Sisters :-)

Sisters and brother :-)

It was my turn to be held in a sibling picture :-)

Aren't they cute?! :-)

Visiting the Ronald Reagan Museum - well, at least the free parts!

So good to see them!

Jen's Mom, Jen, and her brother, Dewahn

Jen and her niece, Jada

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