Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy All Saints' Day :-)

Happy All Saints' Day!  For your All Saints' Day listening pleasure, Jen and I recommend this song by Matt Maher:  (It's one of our faves)

Today was a nice day.  Jen and I went to Mass this morning, had lunch at our team restaurant, took a nap, lifted weights, and then went to practice in the evening.

We were supposed to have a big game this weekend, but for some reason, the game got cancelled.  It will be rescheduled at some point, but we don't know when.  The good news about this is...WE GET TWO DAYS OFF THIS WEEKEND!  We have two practices tomorrow, and then Jen, Kari, and I are planning on getting away for the weekend.  Our plans are still in the works, but we are thinking about renting a car and going to Serbia.  It's pretty last minute, but sometimes those trips are the most fun!  Hopefully everything goes smoothly :-)  Whatever we decide to do, we'll update you when we get back!  Have a great weekend!

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