Thursday, October 11, 2012


On Tuesday afternoon, we traveled to Targu Mures for our Wednesday evening game.  It was a relatively uneventful drive.  We did a little reading, a little podcast-listening, and a little talking.  In general, it was a good trip.  When we arrived at the hotel, we had dinner and then we were free for the night.  

For some reason, we did not have shootaround on Wednesday morning.  Instead, we took a team trip to the zoo!  That was a nice surprise.  I think I have been to the zoo in Europe more than I have been to the zoo in America, and every time I go, I really enjoy it!  It's nice being outside and walking around, and animals can be hilarious!

After a good trip to the zoo, we ate our pregame meal, rested a little bit, and then played at 6.  Immediately after the game, we had dinner at the hotel and then got on the road for the drive home.  We arrived back in Arad around 2 am.  

We have a couple of days of practice, and then we play again on Monday :-)  We hope everyone is having a great week!  God bless you all :-)

The zoo in Targu Mures is the second-largest zoo in Romania

Imitating the monkeys

Feeding them some sort of nut that we found on the ground outside

Talking about what they would do if a lion got out of the cage

Visiting the elephant.  It smelled horrible!

"Hey ya'll!  His eyes look just like Chad Ochocinco!"  -Carla Bartee

"I've never been this close to one.  We usually just shoot 'em."  -Carla Bartee

This poor camel was struggling.

Jen getting close to the lion.  She actually got a lot closer than this, but I didn't get a picture.

She got so close that the lion actually peed on her!  It was hilarious!

Kitsy found this mushroom and was pretty excited about it

The little baby was so cute!  And all of the other monkeys were super protective of it.  

"Look!  It's Lebron James!"  -Carla Bartee

Team picture

Funny faces!

We spend a lot of time on this bus! :-)

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