Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing....Carla Bartee!

Alrighty then!!! What it do you guys?? My name is Carla Bartee better known as ‘BARTEE’ or ‘BAR - 3’!! I’m bringin’ u greetings from the GREAT city of mine, PINEVILLE/Waynesboro, & the GREAT state of M I Crooked Letter  Crooked Letter I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter I HUMP BACK  HUMP BACK I  (M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!!!) LOL!! LOL!! Now since I’ve been in the blog for some weeks now, I’m finally gettin’ on here, & FORMALLY INTRODUCING myself the way we do it in MISSISSIPPI!! LOL!! 

I tell you, God works in mysterious ways!! I NEVER thought I was going 2 ever play on the same team with two former SEC opponents!!! And VANDERBILT at that!! LOL!! You know how they be beatin’ up on people and not carin’ about it!! LOL!! But as we were playin’ against each other, I never thought about who they were, or that we were ever gonna meet up again after college.. .But we did, so now I’m bloggin’ on their blog, cause they were dyin’ for a ‘DOWN SOUTH MISSISSIPPI’ girl to say somethin’ on their blog!!

Anyways, this is my second stint in Romania, and so far things has been good.. Except for the bitin’ MOSQUITOES!! Geeeeezzzzzzzzzz!! They follow you in the door from coming outside, then into your room without invitin’ them, and then you go to sleep, and they start bitin’ you!! They get up with you, and they go to sleep with you!! SHAKIN’ MY DREADS!! Now don’t get me wrong, Mississippi has mosquitoes (BIG ones, too), but we meet em’ at the door!! Ain’t no comin’ in MY house!! 

One more thing before I wrap up my first blog session.  Every time that I (CARLA BARTEE) ride the tram, I am always gettin’ hounded by a guy sayin’ that I am someone else!! He be hollarin’ & screamin’ that other person’s name like I am really her, and she is no longer in the country of Romania.  One of my Romanian teammates was tellin’ him that I am not her, but he wasn’t hearin’ that!! So while he is actin’ like he knows me, I just turn my head and stare out the window and IGNORE him.  As long as he doesn’t put his hands on me, tryin’ to tap me to get my attention, we good!!

Until next time, I’m signin’ off the air……………………………..

This is Carla working on the blog.

I knew that Carla and I were going to be good friends since the first moment I met her.  I came to Romania a few days after the other Americans.  When I arrived at the apartment, Jen came to my room to greet me.  And then she said, "Come on, I want to introduce you to Carla.  You're gonna love her."  We knocked on her door, and what do you know....we were wearing the same shirt :-)

This is Carla celebrating the arrival of her bag that had been lost by the airline.  Pure joy!  If you haven't played overseas before, you might not understand just how exciting something like this would be.  All of her most important items were inside:  Peanut Butter M&Ms, Skittles, Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, Broccoli and Cheddar Rice Sides, Irish Spring bar know, the essentials :-) 

I know it's not the best picture, but this is what most of our walls look like.  These mosquitoes over here are vicious so we don't mess around.  When we see one, we take care of business.  Right now Kari LaPlante is leading the way with 'most kills.'  She's pretty good.

Just from reading the blog, you may not have understood what Carla was saying about the man on the tram who thinks she is someone let me explain.  There was an American girl who played on the team last season.  Her name was Stanecia.  She was black and maybe close to Carla's same height, but other than that, there is no real similarity in their appearance.  We're not sure exactly how this man knew Stanecia.  Anyways, he is completely convinced that Carla is Stanecia.  We randomly see him on the tram or around town, and every single time, he tries to talk to Carla as if she is Stanecia.  He starts off calling her name sort of sweetly, "Staneciaaaa..."  He repeats it a few times before getting a little more serious.  Finally, after a few times of Carla not answering to this other girl's name, he gets a little upset and yells her name, "STANECIA!"  It is pretty funny!  The other day, Carla was on the tram with some of our Romanian teammates so they were able to explain to him that Carla is not who he thinks she is.  We'll see if he got the message the next time we see him.

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